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11 mai 2021


AXAMED Laboratories announce the launch of PREVID®, an innovation in protection against Covid-19. Its worldwide patented formula is the result of 20 years of research and development. The new PREVID® Nasal Spray acts as an absorbent liquid nasal dressing which, thanks to its osmotic film-forming solution, traps and retains the virus in the film to prevent it from entering the nasal mucosa cells.

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 A new barrier gesture, PREVID® Nasal Spray helps block and attenuate the multiplication of viruses and contaminants involved in respiratory infections. PREVID® is also effective against the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus, which causes Covid-19. Its clinically proven formula1 has been developed from ingredients of natural origin. PREVID® Nasal Spray has multiple advantages and forms a stable and effective anti-viral protective barrier for up to 4 hours after each application. 

This medical device is becoming the most useful product of the moment! The lifting of the restrictions is looming and the successive phases of deconfinement are approaching, but we should remain vigilant. Using PREVID® Nasal Spray strengthens your protection when you are in a risk area or a confined space, where physical distance is not always possible. PREVID® Nasal Spray constitutes an additional barrier gesture, but does not replace other barrier gestures. 


 Covid-19 is a multifactorial disease caused by the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. Almost 90% of cases are due to entry of the virus through the nasal cavity. The virus begins to attack cells in the nasal mucosa where the number of receptors for the virus is very high. 

 The nasal lining is made up of multiple layers of epithelial cells joined together by connective tissue to form an intact nasal barrier. The virus contains several spikes on its surface, which are glycoproteins. Spikes S1 and RBD proteins allow it to bind to ACE-2 receptors on cells in the nasal mucosa. Immune cells, in particular mast cells, and B and T lymphocytes, are activated and trigger an inflammatory reaction by releasing several types of cytokines to fight infection, particularly interleukin-6 and TNF-alpha, which are proteins. The immune system tries to control the infection through inflammation, but if the infection persists, it becomes stressed, exhausted and eventually burns out. 


PREVID® Nasal Spray is an osmotic film-forming solution based on glycerol, containing two gelling agents and several specific double-action polymers. These dual-action polymers obligatorily bind to glycerol to make the film resistant to the osmotic flow for up to 4 hours. The other free sites of these tannins can bind to virus glycoproteins and pro-inflammatory cytokines to block inflammation. Among the polymers that bind to glycerol, we have selected those that can bind to the S1 protein and the viral RBD protein to trap and retain the virus in the film and prevent it from entering cells. The polymers are chosen and combined in such a way that they can also capture pro-inflammatory cytokines, such as Il-6 and TNF alpha, involved in the disease. 

Made in France

When PREVID® Nasal Spray is applied to the nasal mucosa, it instantly forms a stable osmotic film that blocks the entry of viruses and contaminants. Osmosis creates a strong flow of hypotonic fluid from the nasal tissue, which swells the gelling agents and makes the film absorbent. The flow of osmotic fluid also cleanses the nasal mucosa by loosening and draining contaminants and viruses on the surface. When the nasal mucosa is clean, inflammation begins to decrease. This provides a favourable environment to regenerate damaged nasal mucosa and rebuild the natural defensive barrier. 

This multi-target approach, which consists of trapping the virus, reducing inflammation and helping to repair the nasal mucosa thanks to the film, reduces the risk of the spread of infection, immune burn-out and respiratory distress. 


PREVID® Nasal Spray, is a Class I medical device, which helps block viruses, prevent and/or alleviate respiratory symptoms related to the presence of contaminants, such as viruses, in the nasal cavity. 

A simple, accessible and effective solution, PREVID® Nasal Spray forms an effective and stable anti-viral* protective barrier for up to 4 hours. Its use as a preventive measure or a treatment helps to block and prevent the entry and multiplication of viruses in the cells of the nasal mucosa and therefore avoids infection. 

PREVID® is presented in the form of a spray with a capacity of 15 ml (approximately 140 sprays). The container is not pressurised and contains no aerosols. 

Whether you are in contact with an infected person or infected with the virus in the early phase, PREVID® Nasal Spray can help you avoid severe forms! 

Previd Spray 4 heures de protection


  • Prevention against infections due to respiratory contaminants and viruses* 
  • Treatment and reduction of respiratory symptoms in the early stages 
  • PREVID® protects, cleanses and helps repair damaged nasal mucosa and rebuild the natural defensive barrier 

Class I medical device, respecting prevailing regulation MDD 93/42 CEE 

*Mechanical mode of action.

(1) Clinical results in patients with an initial viral infection demonstrate a significant reduction in the manifestation and severity of respiratory symptoms. The formulation of PREVID® Nasal Spray has been the subject of a 14-day randomised clinical study against untreated patients published in the scientific journal International Clinical Trials (Dove Press, US). The ingredients of natural origin incorporated in PREVID® Nasal Spray were selected based on the results obtained by multiple in vitro tests. The efficacy and safety of PREVID® Nasal Spray are clinically proven in a study in patients with respiratory symptoms in the initial phase of the viral infection. 

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